Epoxy stairs and panels 

Epoxy Stair Restoration - Save thousands by dismantling and redoing your stairs. We already offer to restore your original appearance or apply a new unique coating.It is possible to create stair railings or steps with epoxy bars.

Epoxy panels can be used as a kitchen surface, thinner ones as a kitchen wall panel. As well as in shower rooms, which will replace the existing tiles, you will save on tiles and work. Use as an interior decoration.

Creating stair railings with black epoxy bar.

An elm stair railing was made, where a black epoxy strip was embedded along the entire length. Coated with osmo hard wax contains Schwarz. A railing was incorporated at the bottom, along the perimeter milling, for LED lighting. Unique interior elements.

Ladder railing with black epoxy box.

Nowadays, in order to make the interior design even more exclusive, various additional elements, such as epoxy, are applied to the interior of the house. Which will give the design of the room new breezes. 

Epoxy staircase creation, exclusive interior elements

The steps were cleaned of dust and dirt. Molds were created. All areas were primed with epoxy resin. Then, an epoxy coating was poured in several layers of 2 cm each. the structure of the steps. We can transform the stairs, steps, renew the top coating in the tone of the design you want.

Restoration of stairs

We are restoring the stairs, which are made of bricks and lead to the basement. In ancient times, barrels were rolled down these stairs, thus the middle of the step was damaged on all the stairs. To preserve the old and give them a new exclusive shape, the empty spaces were replaced with epoxy flush with the step. The result is transparent stair steps on the same level. We can restore various types of surfaces, but we consider each case individually.


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