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EPOXYSVETE already offers various types of services that will improve or renew the existing interior design. We restore the coating of the kitchen table top with transparent epoxy resins, create a tone individually for the customer's desired. We produce solid wood tables with epoxy boxes. We restore the stairs and floor with epoxy resin, in a wide variety of shade variations. We renovate any surface of your kitchen or living room furniture that has already served. We offer the creation of concrete columns or walls with imitation of marble. In this section, see our works and services offered.

Epoxy shades

It is possible to make kitchen table top shades that imitate the look of marble and stone. 3D special effects are also possible, which bring the appearance closer to reality.

Blue ocean

Clear epoxy

White and gray



Color mix

Black and white

Black style

Properties of epoxies

  • Transparent with UV protection from yellowing

  • Good adhesion to various surfaces
  • Does not contain organic solvents
  • Without characteristic smell
  • Short curing time
  • High mechanical resistance, hardness
  • Very good, hardness 91D
  • Resistant to temperature and chemicals
  • After pouring the kitchen table surface and its complete polymerization, hardening. The surface is treated with food-safe oils or waxes, becoming a food-safe surface.


Venetian plaster for creating a column

A concrete column being converted. At first, it is painted and primed. Then it is covered in several layers of Venetian plaster and textures are created with the help of pigments. Then all the uneven parts are sanded, the necessary contours are drawn. All excess dust is wiped off and covered with epoxy resin, for greater protection in winter conditions.

Creating columns imitating imitation of marble.

A service is offered, interior design with Venetian plaster, combined with epoxy or wax. It is also possible to use for walls and ceilings.

This alternative is relatively cheaper than polishing and shifting large masses of stone. In addition, some surfaces are not at all possible to finish with marble in a different way, Whether it is too heavy or the price of the product by expensive. When treating the material with epoxy, it will be resistant to temperature changes and humidity.


Will create or renew an existing interior design. We renew the kitchen surface and the table top coating with an epoxy candle, creating the shade of the table top to be washed for each customer.

It is possible to make a table top in shades that imitate the appearance of marble and stone. 3D special effects are also possible, which bring the appearance closer to reality.

The idea arose because nowadays laminated kitchen surfaces are easily damaged. Marble, stone or granite surfaces cannot be afforded at their prices. This is an alternative. If you don't want to wait several weeks for the kitchen surface you have ordered. And look for your desired tone in the interior fittings stores. The most important prices are more in line with other types of surfaces that are more affordable and light, self-assembled and renewable.

Creating an epoxy coating

The video demonstrates several processes of creating a tabletop coating imitating marble. Table tops are safe against all kinds of liquids, stains, scratches, even high temperatures

The new epoxy coating samples

The white epoxy shade samples are sanded and polished with polishing paste after creation.The resistance to scratches, solvents and heat exceeds all other surfaces, marble, stone and quartz. If damage has occurred, it is possible to restore it yourself by lightly sanding. The black samples have a glossy surface, which are covered with epoxy and lubricated with beeswax. The surface of which is not so durable.

Making an epoxy table

It is possible to see how an interior design table with epoxy columns is created. Handmade, followed in the work process for all conditions to fit into the interior, tone, texture and appearance.

Manufacturing and restoration of counters and kitchen table tops

We create and restore all kinds of surfaces. By coating the surface with a layer of epoxy, you protect it from moisture and water damage. The surface is easy to clean, and you also get a new exclusive design in the existing interior.

Restoration of concrete surfaces.

Watch to the end - before and after! A damaged surface of concrete becomes an epoxy surface imitating a marble coating. It is possible to restore and transform all types of surfaces.

Creating an epoxy kitchen surface

In a few words, it is always possible to restore epoxy surfaces or create a different shade for the customer’s preference. Other types of kitchen surfaces and tables do not have such an option. If they are damaged, they remain so.

Production of interior elements

Processing the material with epoxy creates an elegant, decorative design object. We make unique epoxy and wooden coasters, wall decorations, table tops, serving boards and meat boards. Epoxy resin has excellent mechanical and chemical properties, very good adhesion to various surfaces, low possibility of shrinkage. Our Products have a high resistance to water and its effects. 

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