Modern, exclusive design products with epoxy

 We make design items in combination with epoxy resin. For design connoisseurs, we offer the opportunity to supplement the interior with unique design items to stand out and get positive emotions. The mission of the EPOXYSVETE brand is the introduction of new technologies into the offer of classic products, thus improving the design characteristics of the interior. Epoxy resin has excellent mechanical and chemical properties, very good adhesion to various surfaces. During the manufacturing process, after the epoxy cures, the surface is treated with food-safe beeswax or OSMO oils, becoming food-safe surfaces. It will be possible to use epoxies made in Canada, EcoPoxy, containing a mixture of hemp and soybean oil and is 100% certified as a green, environmentally safe material.

Fluorescent epoxies

It is possible to use fluorescent epoxies and to use led lighting on the surfaces of various materials. 

Shades of stone surfaces

Design of table tops created by imitating marble and stone tones. 3D special effects are possible, which bring the appearance closer to reality.

Food safe epoxies

Food safe EcoPoxy epoxy has excellent properties suitable for kitchen interior elements.


The EPOXYSVETE workshop is constantly adding production possibilities with new technologies that will please every customer's desire in the future. We love creating exclusive design items, high quality and a specific development process. This section displays our latest products.

Available products

In the EPOXY SVETE online store you can find kitchen design products and interior elements with epoxy. Design products are made to order. However, in this section you can find ready-made works that are waiting for their perfect owner!

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Serving board
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Restoration of the kitchen surface

A chocolate shade of epoxy was poured to match the interior. I created a bronze branch texture on the epoxy chocolate surface. When the surface started to harden, I applied the second layer, the transparent one, where I placed various dried leaves and flowers. Want the look too? ✅

Work process

What makes epoxy kitchen surfaces unique. Apart from the fact that we imitate marble and stone surfaces in shades. Very hard surface coating, resistant to impacts, heat, solvents. Most importantly, easy to renew, quick to make, wide shade variations and not expensive.

Inspection of epoxy surface coatings.

The marble-like surface coating was checked with a knife. Then with an orbital sander and abrasive P100. Then it was heated with a gas burner and finally everything was heated in a pan and placed on the surface. No visible defects were found.

Kitchen table with embedded 3D sea symbolism

The table, the surface of which is burned, is poured in several layers into the column created by the symbolism of sea waves. The surface itself is poured with epoxy resin.

Kitchen table

The kitchen table, which I restored with epoxy resin imitating a marble surface. It is possible to restore and create all offered epoxy tone table and kitchen surfaces.

Epoxy coffee table

With fluorescent epoxies that glow in the dark, various decorations embedded in the epoxy casting, supplemented with led lighting.

Hardness of epoxy surfaces

In order to popularize the durability of epoxy kitchen surface coatings in Latvia, I wanted to show the differences in durability compared to laminated surfaces in a video. Using 60 grit sandpaper on epoxy and laminate countertops.