In imitation of marble, let's create concrete columns or walls

It is possible to restore or create on different types of surfaces an imitation of marble, for example, for  columns, walls, ceilings also table tops. At first, the existing surface is painted in a certain tone. The next day, primed. Then, Venetian plaster is covered in 3-5 layers, depends on the desired shade and planned design. After that, various pigments are used, to create a marble texture. Next, the surface is sanded and, if necessary, polished with wax, which protects from moisture and gives shine. But, we recommend epoxy coating for greater strength and safety, especially in outdoor conditions.

This alternative is relatively cheaper than polishing and shifting large masses of stone. In addition, some surfaces are not at all possible to finish with marble in a different way, Whether it is too heavy or the price of the product by expensive. When treating the material with epoxy, it will be resistant to temperature changes and humidity.

For the creation of marble columns Venetian plaster and epoxy

Venetian plaster from Italian décor and epoxy resin Stafor

Imitation of marble - the transformation of columns. The concrete column is painted and primed, then Venetian plaster is applied @italudekors in several layers. With the help of pigments formed various lines, textures. Then grind with an orbital grinder and cover with stafor liquid epoxy. For greater protection in winter conditions.

Creating a column on marble imitation

A concrete column treated with Venetian decorative plaster, different specifics, tones and veins that imitate marble imitation. Coated with epoxy for greater durability in outdoor conditions.

Decorative Venetian plaster on the panel

The mdf board was covered in three layers with Venetian plaster and drawn lines, then sanded and restored lines that imitate marble imitation. It is possible to create and imitate different variants and coat with epoxy for extra durability.

Creating decorative Venetian plaster panels

Panel 283x103x1, can be used on the kitchen surface instead of wall panels, table top, in the shower, as a wall. As an interior around the fireplace. It is possible to cut to the desired sizes.

Kitchen surface with Venetian plaster and epoxy

Chipboard covered with decorative Venetian plaster. Creating texture with pigments. Covered with epoxy resin. Obtaining an imitation of imitation marble and a durable surface. Which will protect against liquids and dirt.

Creation of kitchen surfaces

Venetian decorative plaster gives a great tone and appearance to the surface. Epoxy coated for added protection.