Master class epoxy serving boards

It is possible to organize master classes, privately or in groups. Materials and epoxy will be included in the price. Below is the application form.

The master class will focus on "Epoxy resin serving board with sea pattern:

  • What is included in the master class:knowledge of the types of resin to be used,
  • giving each participant ~30x~45x~2.5 solid wood boards - ash with epoxy coating in the master class
  • Demonstration of production and for each individual theoretical part, how to act, sequence of processes and safety to be observed while working.

  • The master class lasts about 2-3 hours, depending on the number of people.
    • You can receive the product on the day or on any other day as agreed.
    • The price per person is 50 euros, including my wooden board, epoxy and the instructions provided.
    • If you organize - rent a room for a master class, you will have to pay an additional ~10 eur.
    • In the future, we plan to present kitchen surface master classes as well.


    Feel free to write about your idea. It is also possible to present a master class at some seminars or other engaging events. Where you can create your own unique serving board. Which will also be the only one.